School Registration


Guardians must log in to Skyward to register. To begin online registration click here.

For a brief tutorial for registration click here.

Brand NEW to Twin Lakes School Corporation?

If the student's family has never enrolled at TLSC, click here to get started! Families that already have students enrolled in the district may enroll a new student after logging in to Skyward.

Common Questions

I forgot my password:
Go to the skyward login page and click the link for forgot password

Where do I go to do this?:
Go to Skyward Family Access and log in. After login, there are links at the top announcing that you have a registration to complete. If you are the parent/guardian of more than one student, each student on the account is listed by name. Registration must be completed for each individual student.

I registered my kindergarten student in April. What do I do now?
If you pre-registered your incoming kindergartener, you do not need to do anything at this time unless you want to sign up for a bus or apply for free/reduced lunch.

I did it, but it says I'm not done.
That means you aren't quite finished yet. You will have a green check mark next to each step you have completed. You have to do them all and then click the FINISH button.

We are moving here, what do we do?
Click the area for NEW STUDENT and follow the questions.

I need to apply for Free/Reduced lunch.
Click the link above and log in to Family Access.  Click on the Food Service tab then click on Applications.