Information Technology

How Do I Sign Up For Text Alerts?

Text alerts are sent using contact information in, Skyward, our student information system. You should verify your correct information is on file with the student's building.

What Do I Need To Know About Student Laptops?


All TLSC students are issued a laptop. Laptops are integral to the educational mission of the district and are part of the textbook rental program.

K-8 students use a chrome OS device. 9-12 students use chrome OS devices or Windows 10 devices, depending on courses taken and/or grade level.

K-8 students primarily use their devices in school, but they may be asked to take them home for special situations.

9-12 students are expected to use their devices at school and at home, and they take them home each night.


Students may be charged for damages to equipment if the damage is evaluated to be intentional, repeated, or malicious.

Normal wear-and-tear, bizarre acts of nature, or manufacturer flaws are never charged back to a student.

Technical Support

If you have a problem with your computer, you need to inform your teacher (k-8) and the Information Technology Department. You will be issued a replacement or loaner as necessary.

Students studying virtually are also issued devices to use at home.